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Message from the Chief Executive Officer

In 2015, the world’s aviation industry saw growth in the Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK) of all regions at 6.5%, while the growth of the Asia Pacific Region alone was at 8.6%. Meanwhile, the Available Seat Miles (ASK) of all the regions and of the Asia Pacific Region grew by 5.6% and 6.7% respectively. The key factor contributing to such growth was that the average airfare was down from a year before by 5%. This has caused air traffic passengers jumped and subsequently, the number of flights in Asia rose by 7.3%.

In the past year of 2015, Thailand’s economy grew by 2.8%, in spite of several stimulating measures from the government including the sizeable budget spent on infrastructure and the expanding tourism. The country still faced the world’s ill-fated economy which is slowly rebounding and oil price plummeted. The tourism sector is, however still the key force in driving forward the country’s economy. It remains strong in terms of growth with a positive trend. In 2016, the airline industry is facing more and more competition with an influx of foreign airliners into the Asia Pacific Region and Thailand.

The company’s performance in 2015 saw a total revenue of 24,902.9 Million Baht, a 12.6% increase. The main reasons comprise an increasing number of passengers, an increased average airfare, and a drop in oil price. The net profit was 1,849.1 Million Baht, in which the net profit for the shareholders is 1,796.9 Million Baht and profit per share is 0.86 Baht. The company’s followed the set strategy in focusing upon linking air traffics through the company’s operation network, especially in Samui where the flight frequency between Samui and Chiang Mai has recently been added. Furthermore, the company has entered code-share agreements with four more airlines to expand our portfolio to cover more destinations around the world.

I’d also to share with you that we have also been given the honor of being named as the Asia Pacific Regional Airline of the Year by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. This recognition is given to the airline that is regarded as the market leader in tactically and strategically responding to the constantly changing market environment. On behalf of the executives and staff members, I would like to thank all our clients, business partners, and shareholders who have always supported the company. I’d also like to thank every executive and staff member who have dedicated to their duties in driving forth the company’s business to become where it is today. The executives, the staff, and I; are committed to deliver the best service to our clients under a good governance principle and make an invaluable return to society.


Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth
Chief Executive Officer

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