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Corporate Social Responsibility

Overall Policy

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited realizes and attaches great importance to the social responsibility involvement as The Company has stated in the mission that “The Company is committed to support and take part in social service and contribution continuously,” in order to achieve The Company’s vision: “Striving on excellence towards the best airline of Asia”.

Corporate Social Responsibility Management Policy

The Company stipulates the “Corporate Social Responsibility Management Policy” in order to ensure that The Company’s social responsibility deployment is efficient and sustainable as in the following aspects.

Corporate Governance:
Adhere to good corporate governance and strictly abide by the law, rules, and regulations at all national, regional and international levels.

Commit to the network development for strategic flight routes in order to create value in both business supply chain and in the macro-economy perspective.

Continue to enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise to all personnel as well as creating a companywide environment to be favourable for learning.

Manage safety to all levels of stakeholders as well as planning out for business continuity, support system, and personnel in handling a situation of emergency.

Always consider the principles of humanity and human rights as far as the stakeholders are concerned.

Promote social activities and cultivate values in social responsibility and development to employees at all levels.

Realize and abide by the rules of environment law related to business operation.

Vision and CSR Strategy

The vision and strategy of The Company’s CSR activity is “Commitment in strengthening the communities surrounding the airports and the routes within our reach of operation,” by strategizing on networking and knowledge management.

Economic aspect

Flight routes and fleet expansion

On the yearend of 2017, The Company summarized the flight routes and fleet expansion that has been done in accordance to the market situation and travel needs of passengers as in the following information.

Fuel Efficiency Project

The Company by the Flight Operations Department has campaigned among pilots on fuel consumption efficiency through three of the flight operations technical measurements as follows

By deploying all these three measurements, the aircraft fuel consumption cost can be reduced by 45 million Baht annually. And following the increased cost on the excise tax, the Flight Operations Department, therefore, executed the refuelling plan for international flights to cover more operation on domestic routes too. This has caused a reduction on fuel surcharge on a daily basis at about 100,000 Baht or more than 36 million Baht a year.

Moreover, fuel price surveys are in action at each station in order to make refuelling plan even more cost effective.


The Company gives priority to the safety on top of everything; because we believe that safety is core to our business foundation as it builds trust among passengers, employees, business partners as well as for the society. To achieve this objective, The Company has created the Safety Management System (SMS) under the guidance of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA/IOSA).

Moreover, with the Chairman and the high-level executives realizing the significance of the safety policy, they initiated sessions to educate employees on The Company’s safety policy regularly. This includes promoting the Safety Culture within The Company through trainings and internal communications in order to respond to the policy towards The Company’s sustainable growth.

The Business Continuity Management

The Company has the Business Continuity Management system in place which involves the Contingency Plan, Crisis/Emergency Management, Business Recovery Plan, and Disaster Recovery conforming to The Company’s good governance policy. This includes the framework, the law related to the airline and airport business, and the ISO 22301 standard (international standard for the business continuity management). This system is aimed to build confidence among the stakeholders and the ability to maintain the operation standard as stated in The Company’s mission along with the legal obligation at time of crisis that may cause business interruption. It also helps minimize negative impacts on reputation, image, employees, and all other assets of The Company.

Social aspect

Human Resource Development Plan

The Management and Staff Training

The Company realizes that all personnel are the most important assets. The Company, therefore, constantly strives on developing the process of the administrative and human resource development at all levels through both internal and external training sessions in accordance to the human resource training and developing direction initiated by The Company.

Sustainable Leadership

The Company has collaborated with leading training institutions and/or the Universities in Thailand to design and develop both intensive and long-term curriculums by adopting the sustainable leadership guideline to train the employeesfrom the supervisor level to the high-level executives, with an aim to equip them with such principles.

Personnel development under a good governance policy and The Company’s ethics in running business inclusive of Code of Conduct and Safety

The Company stipulated the Code of Conduct as a compulsory subject in the Orientation session for the new employees. It’s also included in the E-Learning system for an easy search of information.

For the Safety, The Company focuses on the safety management for the stakeholders at all levels. It’s also stipulated as a compulsory subject in the Orientation session for the new employees just as the Code of Conduct. The Company also encourages all employees to participate in the safety development program through trainings and workshops.

Personnel development for the efficient service delivery

The Company’s constantly developed the training coursework in both Thai and English befitting employees at each different level and skill. The Company encourages staff to develop their language skill by providing an extra pay for the third language proficiency (frontline staff only) for examples, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, and Italian. The Company makes a revision on the staff’s language skills every two years to ensure the proficiency is maintained and that the staff can use their third language skill efficiently.

Creating an environment that is favorable to learning

The Company has the knowledge management vision in place which is “Bangkok Airways steps into the standard of professional service provider through efficient knowledge management.” In 2017, each responsible department initiated the knowledge management program within The Company for examples staging a knowledge sharing platform both inside and outside of The Company, or setting up the Community of Practice. The strength for The Company to achieve as a future learning organization derives from the supportive Management, abundant internal information, available archiving technology, budget, and the existing ISO 9001 standard which controls documentations from each department.

Staff activities

The Employee Relations Unit under The Company’s Human Resource Development Department has created several activities to promote interactions and recreations among all employees. It’s also aimed to promote the Corporate Engagement as the employees are among the stakeholders that drive The Company forward. If the employees are happy at work, positive results can definitely be expected in commendable service delivery.

Moreover, The Company also helps employees keep a good Work-Life Balance concept to make them enjoy their work life just as they do on their personal life. All activities have been created with an expectation of bonding the employees together with The Company and that they remain with The Company for a long period of time.

Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in pursuant to the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act

The Company supports an occupational training for persons with disabilities in the Play Fun Clay Business Project initiated in 2017 with 26 members. The items chosen for the training were The Company’s giveaway products. The project was carried out in pursuant to the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act (Chapter 35) to enrich them with knowledge, skill, and experience for them to be able to pursue a career afterwards.

After the training, The Company brings these items out for sale and to the auction with proceeds going to the Fund for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. The next step is to contact those members who had joined the training, to place orders on giveaway items for The Company to patronize and subsequently to further land them on a career.

Customer Satisfaction Response

On-board Service

The Company supports many products from the Royal Project to serve to the passengers. This helps distribute incomes to communities as to support the low-income farmers. Moreover, The Company supports visually-impaired passengers by making the safety manual available in the Braille code while also setting aside safety procedure specifically for them as well.

Customer’s Protection of Personal Information

The Company attaches great importance to the customer’s protection of personal information, for examples the reservation officer or the ground staff will always treat the customer’s travel information confidential. In case that there’s an enquiry on the customer’s travel details, the staff will strictly verify the information of the person who makes such contact first.

For the E-Commerce policy, the E-Commerce Department is prompted with the following procedures to avoid the website security system violation as follows

  • Utilize safe connectivity for the online payment and follow the regulations for the website and information protection.
  • Do not keep important information and/ or if necessary, such information will be kept in a safe place and will be deleted after it’s no longer needed and/or the examination of the fraud item.
  • Utilize the Fraud Protection System to examine all transactions. The responsible team takes this examination very seriously. However, the numbers of fraud transactions that have been found are evidently much lower than the industry’s standard.

Customer’s Satisfaction Survey

The online survey is always generated to both FlyerBonus and non-FlyerBonus members after completing a trip. Deployments of quantity and quality evaluation are carried out so that the Management can access the online report for further quality improvement in a timely manner.

The satisfaction survey covers many service touch points such as

1) the Website 2) The Reservation Center 3) The Ticketing office 4) The Check-in Counter 5) The Passenger Lounge/ Snack Bar 6) Boarding Gate (Departure) 7) Pilot Announcement 8) Flight Attendants 9) In-flight meals and refreshments 10) Cabin and Seat 11) Cabin Cleanliness 12) Disembarkation Procedure 13) Luggage Handling Upon Arrival 14) Flight Punctuality and 15) Flight Safety

The Customer’s Satisfaction Survey since 2015 (11-Scale system)

Overall Satisfaction

Session 2015/1 2015/2 2016/1 2016/2 2017/1
Top 2 Boxes (%) 91.2 90.0 90.1 90.1 89.6
Bottom 2 Boxes (%) 1.2 2.1 1.9 1.9 2.4
Average Score (Mean) 8.94 8.82 8.85 8.88 8.83

Moreover, The Company is willing to receive feedbacks from customers to learn about the qualitative aspect of service evaluation. The feedbacks will be reported to the concerning Department’s Head regularly through channels such as the website (, social media - Facebook, Telephone, Facsimile, E-mail, Letter, concerning government office, staff of the airline, or the overseas GSA (General Sales Agents).

Handling Customer’s Comments and Complaints

The Customer Relations Department responds to comments and complaints of the customers by coordinating with concerning departments to examine each filing complaints case-by-case. Each judgement is based on fairness, credibility, responsibility, and transparency to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and confidence in the service standard.

In 2017, The Company set up the Customer Experience Management Unit extending from the Customer Relations who already handles comments and complaints from the customers. All comments and complaints from the customers from each situation and service touch point will be brought to investigation with the concerning departments with an objective to improve the service, minimize impact of the mistakes, more satisfaction, more repeated customers, and more referrals to prospect customers, in order to sustain the customer base while also collecting data to analyse on the customer’s behaviour. With all these efforts, The Company will be able to provide the right service on a memorable travel experience.

Community Project

The Community Forces for the Father with Sufficiency towards Sustainability Project

This project is aimed to strengthen the community with supplementary incomes through occupational support under a collaboration with the Community Development Department, the Ministry of Interior.

The Blue Volunteers Project

This project is aimed to foster leadership among youths between 15 – 20 years old as a driving force for the community within 3 – 5 year timeframe. The learning from this project is about social contribution.

The Community Project To Improve Public Utility and Environment

For examples, The “Samui Rak Nam” Project which is aimed to provide quality drinking water to school children; The “Planting Coconut Trees for KohSamui” which is aimed to campaign on the conservation of the coconut trees, the symbol of KohSamui, towards replenishment; The “Dike Project in Lampang” is another community project that promotes the forest conservation and also protecting it from the forest fire.

Environment aspect

Garbage Management Project

This project has an objective to reduce the amount of daily disposal of garbage at the office and/or to manage the garbage to be processed more easily. This initiative, campaigning among the employees to understand the idea of how we can benefit from separating different types of garbage before disposing it, begins at the office with an aim to expand into the community. The Company has a plan to develop the surrounding communities at The Company’s Airports to become the “Model Community on Garbage Management”. Besides, the in-flight service already follows the strategic roadmap by using environmentally-friendly products which later has branched out into another campaign idea where used plastic bottles can be sold and/ or recycled for new products. The revenue generated from this campaign goes to the CSR project called “Separate Garbage, Less Hunger”.

Corporate Carbon Footprint Project

This project has an objective towards business sustainability on risk management, prompted on the carbon offset tax scheme, and the measurements in reducing the greenhouse gas which all are social responsibility that The Company is taking. Samui Airport, Sukhothai Airport, and Trat Airport, Head Office, and the Hangar (Donmuang) have all been certified by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) to be registered on the organizations carbon footprint in 2017 (data collecting period January 1st – December 31st, 2016). The Comp

United for Wildlife Project

This project is to help solve the problem to stop animals and plants smuggling following The Company signing on the United for Wildlife Buckingham Palace Declaration during an annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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