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Dividend Payment & Policy

Dividend Policies of the Company

The Company has a policy to pay dividends at the rate of not less than 50.0% of the Company’s separate net profits after deducting corporate income tax and other reserve funds as required bylaw and our Articles of Association. However, our dividend payment policy may be subject to changes, depending on the business expansion and our demand in use of funds in each year, as necessary and suitable, as our board of directors deems appropriate, subject to our shareholders’ approval. For the payment of interim dividends, our board of directors may approve to pay the interim dividends from time to time when our board of directors views that the Company has sufficient net profits to do so.

Board Date X-Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend
(Per Share)
Unit Operation Period
26/03/20 11/03/20 10/04/20 Cash Dividend 0.10 Baht 01/01/19-31/12/19
27/02/19 12/03/19 30/04/19 Cash Dividend 0.08 Baht 01/01/18-31/12/18
22/02/18 08/03/18 27/04/18 Cash Dividend 0.30 Baht 01/07/17-31/12/17
23/02/17 07/03/17 28/04/17 Cash Dividend 0.50 Baht 01/07/16-31/12/16
25/08/16 06/09/16 21/09/16 Cash Dividend 0.25 Baht 01/01/16-30/06/16
25/02/16 08/03/16 27/04/16 Cash Dividend 0.45 Baht 01/07/15-31/12/15
24/09/15 06/10/15 21/10/15 Cash Dividend 0.25 Baht 01/01/15-30/06/15
26/02/15 10/03/15 30/04/15 Cash Dividend 0.20 Baht 01/01/14-31/12/14

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