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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement Striving on excellence to become the best airline in Asia

Mission Statements We are determined to become Asia’s number one airline with our missions as in the followings.

  • 1

    Operational safety: Our safety mission is to continually maintain worldwide industry operational safety standards.
  • 3

    We continued success depends on our customers and we promise to give them the best possible products and services available in the industry.
  • 2

    Maximizing shareholders’ return on investment: Our profitability mission is to use our assets effectively in order to generate optimal and sustainable profits for all of our stakeholders.
  • 4

    Our employees are our most important asset: we strive to have not only highly motivated staff but also the best and most productive employees in the industry.
  • 5

    Corporate accountability: We will continually adopt systems and procedures in our airline that will enhance corporate accountability, transparency and control.
  • 6

    We are proud to be a member of our community: We will increase responsibilities of good corporate citizens and continue to serve our community.

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