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Products and services of the Company can be divided into core businesses and segments as follow

  1. 1. Airline Passenger Services

  2. 2. Airport-related Business

  3. 3. Airport Business

Scheduled Flights

We provide full-service scheduled flights in a premium level to both business and leisure travellers.

Route Network

As of 31 December 2019, we operated a route network (“PG Route Network”) covering 28 scheduled destinations (excluding Bangkok) in 11 countries (including Thailand). Additionally, with destinations covered in our code-share arrangements extended our route network to cover 27 international destinations in 19 countries (excluding Thailand).

Our PG Route Network focuses on short-haul routes to airports around leisure and cultural destinations. Through our code-share and other cooperative arrangements (“Extended Route Network”) with other airlines, we are able to extend our reach to passengers originating from destinations including Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The map below illustrates PG operating routes including our code-share network as of December 31, 2019

Airline Cooperation Arrangements

Airline Cooperation Arrangements can be grouped in Interline Cooperation Agreement and Code Share Agreement.

These interline and code-share arrangements enable us to access broader international markets and serve additional long-distance passengers without operating our own long-distance international flights and having to invest in long- haul fleet. We believe that code-share arrangements are a cost-effective means to expand the scope of our passenger services and enhance our image in the international market.

Through our hubs at Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Samui International Airport. we are able to provide efficient same airport transfer for passengers of our code-share and interline flights and to connect them to regional and domestic destinations that are part of our PG Route Network.

We have successfully established code-share arrangements with 27 international airlines. We typically seek code- share arrangements that would either increase our passenger traffic on our PG Route Network or add desirable destinations to our Extended Route Network. Our code-share arrangements enable us to access connecting passenger traffic from other airlines traveling from various international destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia and elsewhere.