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16 Jun 2020 Announcement of the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on the Company's website More
15 Jun 2020 Disclosure of the amendment to the objectives regarding the utilization of the proceeds derived from the capital increase More
04 Jun 2020 Notification on the Progress of the Bidding of the U-Tapao International Airport and Eastern Aviation City Development Project More
01 Jun 2020 Bangkok Airways announces postponement of some domestic flights More
28 May 2020 Schedule of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2020 and Acknowledge the Interim Dividend Payment More
15 May 2020 Bangkok Airways to resume additional domestic flights More
13 May 2020 Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 1 Ending 31 Mar 2020 More
13 May 2020 Reviewed financial performance Quarter 1 (F45) More
13 May 2020 Financial Statement Quarter 1/2020 (Reviewed) More
13 May 2020 Appointment of auditor More