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25 Feb 2016 Audited Yearly and Consolidated F/S (F45-3) More
25 Feb 2016 Financial Statement Yearly 2015 More
29 Jan 2016 Reporting on the utilization of capital increase from IPO More
19 Jan 2016 Clarification of news More
12 Jan 2016 Announcement of additional investment (Additional detail) More
24 Dec 2015 Form to Report on Names of Members and Scope of Work of the Audit Committee (F24-1) More
24 Dec 2015 Appointment of New Director More
22 Dec 2015 Announcement of additional investment More
17 Dec 2015 To invite the shareholders to propose agenda and nominate candidate to be elected as Director More
02 Dec 2015 Bangkok Airways remains unaffected from Category 2 rating by FAA More